Increase your personal “curb appeal”

Curb appeal is the most important way to attract buyers of your property in the  real estate market. Some ways to add value would be a fresh coat of paint, new custom awnings, pavement repair and landscaping. Most of us already know this to be truth in the real estate industry though. What many of us don’t know is how to attract buyers with our own personal curb appeal… Yes, I’m speaking of selling yourself… It’s hard to get people to say directly to you what might turn them off to your sales pitch, so you might be wondering why you are not gaining as many clients as you think you should have. 

A simple way to attract and build relationships in the corporate world and/or our personal lives by adding “curb appeal” is to remember the five senses when we dress for success… Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, Smell… Appealing to the five senses will attract all that you desire, enabling you to achieve a higher level of confidence and financial success as well. Check out this video from a well known image consultant on this link for tips:

Increase you’re property’s curb appeal by installing custom design awnings which also provides protection from the elements such as Rain and Sunlight, as well as keeping cool and lowering your electricity bills. Consider Canvas Back Awnings for all of you’re exterior canvas needs. See how we do it at:


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