AWNING LIFE Time Tested Fabrics & Threads

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Canvas Back Awnings Tampa Bay Area, FLORIDA and Atlanta,GEORGIA

Fabric Structures built to LAST!

The amazing point about quality Awning fabrics is their incredible ability to withstand outdoor elements.  Here in Florida, if your establishment is located near the beach, sea salt and wind can break down the integrity of your fabric and threads like a termite with a fierce hunger.  Not to worry though, there are solutions to this challenge.

Standard awning fabrics fall into two categories: Woven Canvas  Fabrics, and Laminated Polyester fabric such as vinyl.  Both types of fabrics come in many colors and weights.  Listed are some of our pro’s and con’s of each so you can make an informed decision about which is the best suited for your situation.

If you’re trying to decide which fabric is best for these extreme conditions, consider these options:

Canvas fabric offers a larger variety of color choices such as stripes and patterns, with an elegant flair.  If extreme weather is your challenge, Sunbrella Plus is a good choice because it has higher weight content and is double- coated, verses standard canvas awning fabrics.  Asking for  a flame- retardant coating will be a bonus .

Vinyl – coated fabrics offer the most  durability under extreme weather conditions; a heavier fabric choice that after time, allows shrinkage for a tight fit which maintains the integrity for a longer period as well.  Although there are lots of solid colors, there are not many stripe choices on the market presently for vinyl .  But don’t let that discourage you.  Custom – welded and sewn seams can make stripes possible for this fabric.

Get this though; If you want the elegance of canvas, but the durability and low maintenance of vinyl, Canvas Back Awnings recommends Natura by Herculite.  This fabric choice comes in 14 solid colors at a weight of 18 oz. per sq. yd., flame retardant, and comes with an 8 yr. manufacturer’s warranty as well; a great choice for the customer who wants the advantages of both choices.

As for sewn seam strength, the top choice on the market has to go hands down to TENARA thread which comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.  Just try and break this thread: “The Hulk” of  sewn seams.  Canvas Back Awnings only uses Tenara thread for sewn seams.

Most important, even with all the perks,  maintenance of your awnings under these conditions is a must.  Regular cleaning and re-coating of canvas fabric prolongs the life by at least a year on each cleaning. Save time and money with this process and you will not regret it.  Visit us @ and see the difference. OUR AWNINGS ARE BUILT TO LAST!

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