Economical Awning Ideas (Without Sacrificing Quality)

Located in Tampa Bay area, FL & Atlanta, GA


Have you ever had a contractor give you a quote for some project, and your jaw drops when you see the price$  If you don’t know the options available to get a lower price, you may be at a disadvantage.  It’s a similar situation when you get a quote for new custom awnings.   Frame & Fabric styles/design ideas here may help you stay within your budget, and still get the quality you deserve.

patio awning



  • Frames for windows can be slip -T (fitted steel piping)  instead of aluminum welded.
  • Any bends and curves are generally more expensive.  (ex.  Dome Awnings vs. Traditional Awnings)
  •  Purchasing used frames from Craigslist or the contractor to re-install on your window or door.
  • Tension Awnings for canopies only require poles and some hardware, eliminating a frame altogether.
  • Ask if there is any overstocked or left over fabric (This choice may void the warranty, but it can still be quality Sunbrella canvas)
  • When choosing fabric styles, generally specialty fabrics or stripes are more expensive than solid.
  •  Added design stitching costs more, such as Scallop Designs vs. Straight Edge or no valance at all (see photos above).

Ultimately, never sacrifice quality for a lower price, and always make sure good thread is used for stitching.      VIEW PUBLICATION: Economical Awning Ideas

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