Canvas Back Awnings is located in 
Tampa, FL and Atlanta, GA dome awning dome awning1

WHAT’S ON THE OUTSIDE can reveal to the customer what’s on the inside of your retail shop.

Customer perception is so important to sales profits, that you, as an owner of a retail business, may be losing profits because your target customers may NOT want to walk through the door!

What is your message to your target market, and does your exterior design reflect what you are attempting to communicate to your potential customers? 

The harsh reality is that customers perceive only what THEY want to perceive.  You can only convince them your product is worthy of their attention on their terms, not yours.

Try this idea: Pretend you are the customer and drive up to your storefront, then look around and critique:

  • Does it need a fresh coat of paint?
  • Do your signs look old and worn out?
  • Is your storefront tidy and landscaped?
  • Is the parking area inviting?
  • Are your awnings and canopies maintained?

View Pulication: storefront aesthetics

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