canvas back exterior design

canvas white awningsYour National Awning Supplier

Canvas Back Awnings

provides nationwide fabrication of shade structures as a highly valued service to Property Management Companies & Contractors. Our team brings over 30 years of experience with fabric art transformation and 20 yrs of product development bringing unique ideas into the exterior design marketplace. Our fabrics are of supreme durability with many color choices for all of your awning needs & carry outstanding warranties to back them up.

Not sure how long that awning
was wasting away before you purchased

the property? Try the all program and never guess again.                call us at:   (727) 831-0071

Click to see Article:  storefront awnings



                   WE GET YOUR AWNINGS TO TALK

Canvas Back Awnings is the proud sponsor of …



Protect Your Investment With the all Program…

Awning maintenance and cleanings should be done yearly

The all (Awning Life Label) is a coded label attached to the nearest window or on any awning to be scanned with your Smart Device.

all information about that awning is displayed on your

devices’ screen such as: • Awning install dates
• frame design info
• fabric colors

• warranty info

• updated inspections and repairs

• cleaning/re-coating, maintenance alerts

• frame sizes • and more…

These are just a few of the ways the all can save you hundreds if

not thousands of $$$$ to increase the longevity of your awnings.

Scan the QR code with your smart device to see an example…

You will never have to guess again!



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