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A reminder to get your bids in for cleaning/re-coat of your awnings,  so you can budget & schedule an awning cleaning  for your properties after the pollen falls.

Awning restoration is key to making your awnings last long after the warranty runs out. You will $$save a bundle $$ in your budget for the long -term while enjoying the beauty of  your property so much more…

 Attractive awnings will depend a great deal on the way you care for them. All canvas fabrics exposed to outdoor elements need regular cleaning and maintenance.  Canvas fabrics should be cleaned regularly before substances such as dirt, roof particles, etc… are allowed to accumulate and become embedded into the fabric.                                                                           Sunbrella and other brands recommend that awning fabrics need cleaning & re-coating yearly or every 2 years depending on how much exposure to mold and other outdoor elements of the awning. 

 Canvas Back Awnings uses the best suited products on the market available with excellent water repellency and mildew retardants combined, to fully restore your canvas canopy for longevity.

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See Publication: awning-restoration-cleaning


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